Israeli Rapper Shaanan Streett mixes music with activism

Musician with Hadag Nahash balances lyrics on important issues with keeping the music fun.

Shaanan Streett, one-sixth of the Israeli hip-hop/funk group Hadag Nahash, says that it’s all well and good for musicians to advocate for social-justice causes, but that doesn’t mean the music can’t also be fun. Streett seems to have accomplished both goals, as his band’s songs are featured in protests for various causes while remaining catchy and danceable. As long as you “keep it real,” Streett says, audiences will pick up on your authenticity.

In our interview, Streett talks about what music can do to bring people together and about his hometown of Jerusalem.

Even if you’re saying important stuff, but it’s not fun, who wants to join? Right? There’s a saying that is something like, “If you can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.” — Shaanan Streett

Read my entire interview with Shaanan Streett here.


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