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From Outrage to Action: A Practical Guide to Fighting Antisemitism

I hope you’ll support my Kickstarter campaign to make this book a reality.

My book, “From Outrage to Action: A Practical Guide to Fighting Antisemitism,” will be a reality with your support. My Kickstarter prelaunch page is live, and the campaign will begin next month. Now is the time for action. Check it out.

After going through most of the stages of grief since the October 7, 2023 massacre in Israel, I thought about what I could do to help. In the aftermath of this tragedy, as we witness a surge of worldwide protests that too often cross the line into antisemitism, the sense of helplessness can be overwhelming. Many of us in the Jewish community, and our allies, are searching for a way to channel our collective grief and anger into something that can light the darkness.

For me, that way forward is through the power of writing and storytelling. I am working on a book aimed at illuminating the ways we can combat antisemitism in various spheres of our lives. It’s essential to channel our concerns into constructive action. This project is about empowerment, providing practical tools and strategies for individuals and communities to effectively counter antisemitism.

My upcoming book serves as a hands-on guide, offering actionable advice for addressing and preventing antisemitism in various areas of everyday life, including …

  • The Virtual World: Developing the tools necessary to fight online hate.
  • Educational Institutions: College campuses are the front lines of the war on antisemitism. I’ll explain how you can cut through the noise and take back your school.
  • The Workplace: Employers and employees are finding it difficult to navigate through issues of free speech vs. hate speech.
  • Political Arenas: Where policies and rhetoric have real-world impact.

And many more.

The book will feature real-life examples of individuals and groups who have made significant strides in combating antisemitism. Their stories will not only inspire but also guide readers on how they can contribute to these efforts in their own lives.

This book will share the inspiring stories of those who are successfully fighting antisemitism in these arenas. It will offer advice on what you can do in your own life to make a difference. This is not just a chronicle of the struggle against anti-Jewish hatred; it is a reflection of the actions that each one of us can take. By supporting this Kickstarter, you are helping to bring this important work to life. Your contributions will enable the research, writing, production, and distribution of a resource that empowers us all to take a stand. Remember, you are not alone. Together, we will navigate through these challenging times and emerge stronger.

Join me in turning concern into action, and help make this vital resource a reality.

Check out my Kickstarter prelaunch page.

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