My Interview Shows Why I Chose Kickstarter

Thank you, Leah Eichler, of Esoterica Magazine, for having me on her show to discuss my upcoming book on antisemitism and how to launch a Kickstarter campaign.

We discuss how I’m using Kickstarter as an experiment to see if it can draw together the community to focus on this book as an outlet for anger and frustration. So far, it’s working. I’m happy to report that we are fully funded for our book: From Outrage to Action: A Practical Guide to Fighting Antisemitism.

This was a risk. I wasn’t sure the Kickstarter platform could support this kind of campaign. Turns out, it can! Also, this success shows that there’s enough interest out there to keep me going. I ran into many skeptics along the way.

Click here for the full conversation with Leah Eichler on why I chose Kickstarter for this book project.

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