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Our Kickstarter Campaign Has Begun; Let’s Fight Antisemitism Together

Your contributions are vital for enabling the research, writing, production, and distribution of this essential guide. But your role goes beyond just financial support.

The October 7, 2023, massacre in Israel was not just a tragic event in isolation; it accelerated an already existing global rise in antisemitism, a wave of hatred that has swept across continents, infiltrating our communities, educational institutions, workplaces, and online spaces. My book, From Outrage to Action: A Practical Guide to Fighting Antisemitism, is a direct response to this surge. It’s more than just a reaction; it’s a proactive solution, offering strategies and actionable steps to combat this alarming trend. It’s a call to transform our collective grief and outrage into a force for positive change.

Your support on Kickstarter is not just about funding a project; it’s about building a community committed to fighting antisemitism. Your contributions are vital for enabling the research, writing, production, and distribution of this essential guide. But your role goes beyond just financial support.

As part of the reward tiers on Kickstarter, I will be holding exclusive sessions with donors who will also act as my “beta readers” and get previews into passages of the book as I write them. Your ideas, experiences, and insights can directly influence the content and approach of the book. This is a unique opportunity for you to contribute to shaping a resource that will empower and educate on a global scale.

Who Am I?

I’m Howard Lovy and the most important thing to know is that, as a child and grandchild of Holocaust survivors, I have studied and written about antisemitism my entire life. My work has appeared in mainstream and Jewish publications, where I’ve written commentaries and in-depth features on Jewish issues. I am the former managing editor of JTA, a global Jewish news service, and I have interviewed a range of experts on identifying and fighting antisemitism—from religious leaders to politicians to authors to activists and even Jewish celebrities. All their combined wisdom will go into this book.

Why This Book and Why Now?

We’ve witnessed a disturbing pattern: from the halls of academia to the streets of major cities around the world, Jewish voices are increasingly silenced. This marginalization is not just a threat to the Jewish community; it’s a threat to the very fabric of our diverse societies. When one group is targeted, it’s a warning sign of broader societal issues that can affect us all.

After going through most of the stages of grief since the October 7, 2023, massacre in Israel, I thought about what I could do to help. In the aftermath of this tragedy, the sense of helplessness can be overwhelming. Many of us in the Jewish community, and our allies, are searching for a way to channel our collective grief and anger into something that can light the darkness. As we face this challenge, there’s a growing need for practical, informed guidance on how to effectively address and counteract antisemitism.

For me, that way forward is through the power of writing and storytelling. This is where my book comes in. It’s a direct response to the current situation, offering more than just analysis or commentary. This project is about creating a tangible resource—a comprehensive guide filled with actionable strategies and insights. The book aims to equip readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and combat antisemitism in various aspects of daily life. It’s a timely and essential product, designed to provide clarity and direction in an environment where many feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to respond.

Even my own literary community, where writers are traditionally seen as champions of truth, there’s been a troubling shift. Many are losing their ability to think critically when it comes to issues surrounding Jews and antisemitism. This is not just disappointing; it’s dangerous. Writers and intellectuals should be at the forefront of challenging prejudices and promoting understanding, yet when it comes to antisemitism, there’s a noticeable silence or, worse, complicity.

This book is necessary at this critical point in history. It’s not just about addressing a current crisis; it’s about shaping the future. We need to ensure that the lessons learned from this dark period lead to lasting change. Now is the time to act. We cannot afford to be bystanders in the face of rising antisemitism.

Where Do You Come In?

Access to Early Drafts as Beta Readers

For those interested in the writing process, this tier offers a behind-the-scenes look. As a beta reader, you’ll receive early drafts of some chapters. Your feedback on these drafts will be crucial. What works for you? What needs improvement? Your insights will play a significant role in shaping the final manuscript.

Webinar and Discussion on Antisemitism

This tier is an opportunity for an in-depth discussion tailored for you or your organization. It’s not just a session to learn about fighting antisemitism; it’s a platform for you to influence the book’s content. Share your experiences, suggest impactful stories, and help identify key figures and organizations that should be included in the book.

By participating in these sessions, you will have a direct hand in making this project a reflection of our collective resolve and wisdom. Your engagement will ensure that the book is not only a product of my expertise and experience but also enriched by the diverse perspectives and voices of our community.

Together, we can create a guide that truly resonates with and serves the needs of those committed to combating antisemitism. Your support and involvement are what will make this project truly impactful and far-reaching. Join me in this endeavor, and let’s turn our collective outrage into meaningful action.

How This Book Stands Out

From Outrage to Action: A Practical Guide to Fighting Antisemitism is not just another book on the subject of antisemitism; it stands out as a unique, practical, and hands-on guide that brings the fight against antisemitism into the daily lives of its readers. Here’s how:

Real-Life Examples and Stories: The book features inspiring stories of individuals and groups who have successfully combated antisemitism in various spheres – from college campuses to the digital world. These narratives are not just tales of struggle but of triumph, providing a blueprint for effective action.

Expert Interviews and Insights: As a seasoned journalist specializing in Jewish issues, I have interviewed a range of experts on antisemitism – from politicians to academics, and even Jewish celebrities. Their collective wisdom, distilled in this book, offers a depth of understanding and perspective that is unparalleled.

Actionable Advice: This book goes beyond mere analysis and provides practical, actionable advice. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of online hate, understanding the nuances of antisemitism in the workplace, or engaging in effective advocacy, the book offers clear, step-by-step guidance on how to make a real difference.

A Collaborative Journey: This project is not just about writing a book; it’s about creating a community. Through Kickstarter, supporters are invited to engage in the process, offering their insights and experiences, making this a truly collaborative effort.

Timeliness and Relevance: In response to the recent surge in antisemitism, particularly following the October 7, 2023, massacre in Israel, this book addresses a pressing need. It’s a timely resource for those seeking to understand and combat the current wave of antisemitism.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Now, more than ever, your support is crucial. From Outrage to Action: A Practical Guide to Fighting Antisemitism is more than a book – it’s a movement. It’s a collective effort to shine a light in the darkness, to stand up against hate, and to empower individuals and communities with knowledge and tools.

Here’s how you can be a part of this crucial mission:

Back This ProjectChoose a reward tier that resonates with you and make a pledge. Every contribution, big or small, brings us closer to our goal.

Spread the Word: Share this Kickstarter page on social media, with friends, family, and colleagues. The more people know about this project, the stronger our impact will be.

Engage with Us: Your thoughts and feedback are invaluable. Participate in discussions, share your experiences, and let your voice be heard.

This is more than just a campaign; it’s a commitment to change. Your support is not just a donation; it’s an investment in a future where knowledge and understanding combat hate and ignorance.

Together, we can turn outrage into action. Together, we can make a difference.

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