Antisemitism in K-12 Education

Unveiling Antisemitism in K-12 Education

Exploring the Rise of Biased Curricula and its Impact on Jewish Students; Here’s a Closer Look at How Antisemitism is Becoming Entrenched in Our Schools

Antisemitism in K-12 education is alarmingly on the rise, and addressing it has become a key focus of my research for my forthcoming book, From Outrage to Action: A Practical Guide to Fighting Antisemitism. Below are summaries of two of my recent articles, each exploring different facets of how antisemitism is taking root in our schools .

The Ongoing Crisis of Antisemitism in K-12 Education (The Algemeiner)

This article sheds light on a troubling trend of antisemitism in K-12 education across the United States. It points specifically to the National Education Association’s (NEA) use of controversial educational materials from Jews for Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ). These materials wrongly paint Israel as a white settler colonial state and unfairly tag light-skinned Jews as complicit in white supremacy, reflecting a clear tilt toward far-left ideologies. The piece discusses how educators and Jewish organizations struggle to push back against these biases because of the NEA’s clout. It calls for urgent action to challenge these educational practices, which are not just misleading but are also stirring a rise in antisemitic sentiments among students. It’s time for the Jewish community and concerned groups to push for educational content that is both balanced and factual.

Read the full op-ed in The Algemeiner

The New Front Line: How K-12 Schools are Becoming Hotbeds of Antisemitism (Emet-Truth, My Substack Newsletter)

In this newsletter, I tackle the rise of antisemitism in elementary and secondary education, spotlighting the radical Liberatory Ethnic Studies (LES) model now spreading through various states. Driven by Marxist and Maoist ideas, this model inaccurately labels Israel a colonial power and promotes antisemitism dressed up as educational reform. The article includes firsthand accounts from parents distressed by the radical shifts in their children’s education, which distorts both Jewish history and current events. It also highlights the work of groups like the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR), which are fighting hard through legal and educational advocacy to keep academic integrity and democratic values at the forefront of our schools.

Read the full commentary on my Substack Newsletter, Emet-Truth

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