Fighting Antisemitism

Howard Lovy: Author

From Outrage to Action: A Practical Guide to Fighting Antisemitism

Fighting AntisemitismIn a world where the specter of antisemitism looms large, “From Outrage to Action: A Practical Guide to Fighting Antisemitism” stands as a beacon of hope and a call to arms. This forthcoming book is a testament to resilience and the unyielding spirit of the Jewish community in the face of adversity. The tragedy of October 7, 2023m where over a thousand Israelis fell victim to a brutal attack, has ignited a fire within—a desire to transform grief and anger into meaningful change.

This book is a guide, a source of inspiration, and a narrative of real-life warriors who are on the frontlines battling antisemitism. It delves into the various arenas where this fight is most pertinent—from the workplace to online spaces, educational institutions, public communities, political spheres, and even sports. It’s not just a compilation of stories; it’s a reflection of the collective action taken by individuals around the world, each contributing in their unique way to this crucial cause.

As an author and storyteller, I am channeling my craft into shedding light on these efforts, offering advice and sharing the wisdom of those who have made strides against anti-Jewish hatred. This book is a mirror reflecting the actions and courage of many, and it’s an invitation to join a movement that refuses to bow down to helplessness.

The project will soon launch on Kickstarter, and your support could make a significant difference. For updates on the launch and more insights, sign up here and join the journey . Remember, we are not alone. Together, we can fight back and forge a path to a stronger, united future.

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Found and Lost: The Jake and Cait Story

Coming in 2025 from Vine Leaves Press

Jake and Cait

In the heart of Interlochen, Michigan, a song echoes—a melody of youth, love, and a time when music was a heartfelt anthem to life. “Found and Lost: The Jake and Cait Story” is a poignant narrative that weaves through the past and present, exploring the intricate themes of aging, regret, faith, and the timeless power of music. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant music scene of 1980s Greenwich Village and the more-cynical days of 2025, this novel follows two middle-aged musicians, Jake and Cait, whose teenage street performances become an accidental viral sensation. As their forty-year-old song breathes life into a new generation, they are thrust back into a spotlight that demands the impossible—to perform with the same angelic perfection that once defined their youth.

In evaluating my manuscript, a reader for my publisher wrote: “It’s clear that the author has writing chops aplenty—great pacing, fun premise, excellent insight.” She called it “a rollercoastery and fun ride. I really enjoyed my time with this book.”

This is a tale of second chances and the relentless passage of time, a story where the music is as much a character as Jake and Cait themselves. It’s a love letter to those melodies that define our lives and the undiluted purity of a song that resonates through generations. As Jake and Cait step onto the stage, the world watches with bated breath, yearning for a glimpse of the magic that once was. But can the creased faces of experience bear the weight of angelic expectations?

Read an early draft of a chapter at Esoterica Magazine

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