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Podcast Author Interview: J. Dianne Dotson Finds Right Blend of Science and Science Fiction

How do you properly mix science in science fiction? J. Dianne Dotson has found the recipe. In my podcast for the Alliance of Independent Authors, I interview a sci-fi writer who also does actual science.

I love science fiction, but the worst thing is to wade through pages and pages of technical detail about some technology invented by the author. Just tell me, simply, that it works and I’ll suspend my disbelief and believe you … like warp speed in Star Trek.

Interviews like this one with Dianne make my gig with ALLi especially enjoyable. Interviewing authors who inspire me is my favorite part of what I do. Inspirational Indie Authors is the SEO-friendly (I’ve been told) version of my old IndieVoices podcast. Every week, I focus on a new author, learn their backstories, and let them talk about their work. I don’t discuss marketing plans, or any other business-related stuff. Believe me, nobody wants business advice from me. My interviews focus purely on story and writing.

Here’s some of what Dianne had to say:

On the Proper Mix of Science When Writing Science Fiction

“I think that the level of science in science fiction is going to vary depending on what you’re trying to tell, what kind of story, what setting. And so for my series, for example, it’s a combination of science fiction with a touch of fantasy. But even with that, you have to have a set of rules to address both.”

On Why She Studied Ecology

“I wanted to know how everything fit together and in ecology you really do learn about how systems all fit together and how everything affects everything else in the environment. And, you know, from the microscopic to macroscopic level, that just fascinated me and I was just like, ‘This is my jam.'”

Listen to the whole interview on my podcast for the Alliance of Independent Authors.

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