Dan Holloway

Podcast — Dan Holloway: A Colorful Mind

Interview: Indie author talks about his struggles with ADHD, bipolar disorder, and how to think creatively.

Dan Holloway

I recently interviewed Dan Holloway, ALLi’s news editor, on my podcast. Dan is a rare individual whose mind is hard-wired for creativity. In fact, that is the subject of his latest book. He is also an advocate for the disabled, a power lifter, an ultramarathon runner, a writer of thrillers and poetry, and much more. He is also bipolar and has ADHD. That, I suppose is the tradeoff for such a brilliant mind, although I’m not certain Dan would agree with me. He and I have many things in common, although I could only hope to accomplish as much as Dan Holloway.

You can listen to my interview with Dan Holloway by clicking the arrow below.

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