Author Interview: Goth-Style Book on Bullying

Steff Green was bullied as a child due to her blindness, giving her a deep understanding of how it feels.

On my latest author interview podcast for the Alliance of Independent Authors, I talk to New Zealand author Steff Green. She’s a paranormal romance author, teaches self-publishing courses, and is also a children’s author who just Kickstarted a Gothic Picture Book. It’s a book about bullying called Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones.

Steff talks about how she was bullied as a child due to her blindness, which gave her a deep understanding of how a bullying victim feels. And, like the main character in the book about bullying, she was a Goth kid. Steff also discusses how she successfully launched a Kickstarter drive to fund the book.

The New Zealander is a successful indie author with many interests and talents. Plus, she talk about her previous life as an Indiana Jones-style archaeologist (sort of).

A few highlights from our interview

On Why She Wrote a Book About Bullying

“When I was little, I was bullied because I was different. And so that’s why this book has a real personal connection to me; and the illustrator I worked with also went through similar things. So, it was kind of our way of trying to help future kids like us.”

On a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

“I was really surprised every single person that I approached said, “Absolutely. We would love to do that.” It was just amazing. We engaged our backers and we were always doing updates and showing them new art work and really encouraging them to share the project with their friends.”

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